Most of the time, I do feel like my head is a cage of different characters that seek freedom and control over me. Do you feel the same too?

When I was younger, kids at school called me weird. It’s because they would see me murmuring something like I was memorizing some lines from the book I read. Some would say I’m crazy because I always talk to myself and laugh at things that could not be real. Was I alone? I just really think people talk to themselves too! That’s what I see on TV.

It’s because somebody inside my head talks to me. It could be in a friend’s voice or a personality I know.

I had read a Stephen King novel called “Gerald’s Game” where the main character was just talking to herself throughout the story. That’s where I realized I’m normal. Hahaha! Also, I had read some articles on the internet stating that talking to yourself could mean a higher IQ (Hermegerd! I’m so ambitious!).

I don’t have the so-called Dissociative Identity Disorder, but I just learned to name people in my mind who talk to me when they are somewhat summoned by some factors.


There is one guy I named Klarex Way in my mind who was a horror story addict. He actually liked gores and violence. It’s a good thing he’s not an independent personality that would take over my body and just let me transform into a psychopathic weirdo with bad hair days.

He loves telling stories that usually ends tragically. So, you might want to expect character deaths by the end of each story.


A character inside my mind has made me feel like I was saintly good and patient. Clive Haeckel was a childhood friend who would talk about the good things I could eventually meet in my life. He’s smart too! Formal and eloquent, you would always see him smile because he seemed to enjoy every moment in time living in this Earth. Klarex Way loathes him too!

I first met him in a dream when I was a kid. He’s a grown man in white. I could smell milk in him and you could really feel comfortable around him. He speaks in a language I do not know how to speak, but I could understand what he’s talking about. He’s really magical. I also don’t know if he was me or he’s someone else. He’s amazing and cool and everything good! There’s also a feel of nostalgia in his presence. That feeling like you have always known him, but you don’t know him.


There was one fat kid behind the glasses who was a former imaginary friend. This kid would always corrupt my world of imagination in my leisure time by calling out my name and ask me to play a fun game he called “Ligger-ligger”. He was just a product of my imagination, but I had no control over him. He would drag me from my other imaginary friends because he wanted me to play his game I don’t even know. He’s really annoying. I don’t like him. I think he’s my hyperactivity. I don’t really know if I was the one controlling him since this kid would call me names.

He stopped forcing me to play with him when I got so sick of him, and I bullied him in front of my imaginary friends right there in the imaginary world of mine. Since I didn’t get his name, I just call him “Ligger-ligger”.


There’s also this girl in my head that would let me feel “disgust”. Yes, she hates the world and all those that she never liked. I think she’s just insecure or maybe, she’s too emo. I don’t understand her. I named her “Lucy”, a namesake of a character from “13 the Musical”.


Yes, there’s an old man residing in my mind. I don’t know him either, but he’s so traditional and loves old music and everything vintage. He’s got his stories from the past that might just be lived in simplicity. Right there, he could give me ideas about the poor life of people who, are residing in the countryside. He was the one who would let me understand the lives of men in poverty.

The rest is just me looking at the present reality. I could see myself in someone’s shoes as these pieces of me are making me realize the views of life where there must be the pros and cons to be taken in mind.

What’s your story?


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