Yesterday was a blast as I had a great time with the Young Thespians of Cebu in their workshop. I learned a lot and experienced some of the things I could really not experience in my everyday life. Everything was #FunFunFun.

Spearheaded by the director, Emmanuel Jones Mante, and facilitators, I am sure that the activity made the participants get a lot better in doing things especially when they are trained to work onstage and offstage effectively.

Being a thespian does not only require you to work great onstage, but also to deal with things offstage. It also shows business, you know! So … yeah!

 → I just discovered that blogging sites have these motitags for emoticons you want to add on your posts. I wanna try it … and I love pigs!)

Photo by Young Thespians of Cebu

Future projects had been announced for us to get ready and be prepared for what would be coming for the theater company. Of course, all of us were really excited because we wanted to work on a part that we could be doing amazingly like yeah! (I’m starting to get tired of my “yeah” ‘s. Hahaha!)


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