“Last Sem’s Gossips”

Song compilation of songs I wrote for the gossips that went around and fill my ears.

I’ve always been the kind of person, who would totally never care on the lives of other people. However, things had changed when friends just came along and asked me to write songs about their life and love story.

Songwriting has always been a hobby of mine to get talk about issues and to tell stories. With that, I learned to find a good way in dealing with situations. And, I have used it as a counterattack for bullies when I was 13. Hahaha!

I love my friends, I love their stories, and I love retelling their stories. 😉


A song written out of the urge in the feeling that you really, really, REALLY want to tease your friends in love. Well, this is just according to the gossips I heard… and this worsened the certain matter…. made me want to just shut up for forever…. too many complications had been inflicted!

Result? well, it turned out I made the wrong storyline complication. Everything’s a mistake… So, I’ll shut my mouth forever and never talk to them about love. Hahahahaha!


This one is a more serious version of “Gossiper” talking about two same characters. However, this one has a different approach of narrating the story. More awkward to listen to when you know you were the one being talked about. 🙂

Blue Rose

Well, the song is about a boy and a girl attending a Sunday service. It’s also the day the boy is supposed to tell his feelings to the girl. However, the girl’s friends interfered in their moment, so, nothing has been said.

It’s Complicated

I wrote this song for a friend who was FRIENDZONED…

Either Way

This was written for a friend who was seemingly neglected by a crush. HAHAHAHAHA! I’m their evil friend who was concerned to continue their story even if it seemed it got no chance of blooming… and yes, it never had a chance…

There was a devastating news that the guy already committed himself to someone else… This song shined so well with that news…

Number Three

A third party song


Well, as the title says, this song is about a person named Jade. Jade is a working student in the school’s Student Affairs Office. My friend has a huge crush on this good looking guy in the office. Yes, her crush could really go to a level of stealing his fan for a souvenir. This song is honest enough to tell about this friend and Jade.

What’s with the song?  Jade already knows this song. At first, he could not believe the song was really about him. Until somebody gave him a copy of the lyrics.

Once in a Blue Moon

A friend of mine asked me to write a song about my friend she had a great crush on. Okay!


A story about a loved one going to Alaska. And also, I put some of the questions I wanna know about the place because it might be looking more amazing as I thought.

Lost in Forgotten Place

This song was written back in 2012…. just about someone who ignored my friend. Nicolle Galyon, a songwriter (Automatic by Miranda Lambert, We Were Us by Keith Urban, Gone Like That by Josh Kelly), was the inspiration for me to write the song too because she’s amazing.

I Don’t Wanna Be

The melody and the lyrics just run through my mind when friends didn’t even notice me around for the first time… like duh!

I Love You More

I just want to put some drama in my friends’ stories.


Q is the guy in “Gossiper” and “Endlessly” … the song is in the girl’s perspective… and it just felt weird singing this song because I guess the song don’t like me. I love the song, but… I don’t know. 🙂


Well, Xs supposed to mean kisses, but here, I was just too lazy to mean it the ex-lovers you don’t want to get into your life when you are in love with someone else.

Title This

Another bully song about the guy, the girl and those who knew the story.

Something About His Hometown

Well, there can just be this conclusion that the guy wanted was back in his hometown (which is also wrong. I just don’t want to talk about their story at all hahahahahaha).


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