When You Sing a Song You Wrote and Don’t Even Know the Words

I was with my workmates in a cafe to chill out after the afternoon shift. It was a Friday, so there’s going to be a Live Band. We were talking about job stuff when the singer announced he wanted to have a jam session with the people in the cafe.

One girl raised her hand, walked in front and let the guitar man pull some chords, then sang “Out of Reach” by Gabrielle.

Everything that night was really amazing while I was just enjoying my shake. Until the girl finished her song and my workmates were shouting out my name to go upstage, and the guitar man started to call me too. That. Was. So. Scary.

I was always the kind of guy, who never really wanted to be a center of attraction. Being shy is what made it difficult for me to do things I wanted to do.

“What song do want to sing?”, said the guitar guy while handing me songbook where you could have a list of songs and their lyrics.

I tried checking out the songs and was really shaking since I don’t know a single song in his list. Yeah, I don’t even listen to the radio nowadays.

“Um, I don’t know songs from the radio because I write my own songs”, I said it with a shy boy’s voice and was even regretting why I said that.

The guitar guy decided to lend his guitar to me. So, I sat on the stool and started singing a song I called “Whisper in the Wind”.

The most embarrassing moment was forgetting the words of the song my friends would always let me sing. Hahaha! I really wanted to blast off like the Team Rocket in an Anime called Pokemon.

After the song, I laughed and called the guitar guy to give his guitar back, but he let me sing another song, which made me feel more mortified of the moment. Anyway, I sang another original upbeat song called “Better” and never forgot a word. Phew, what a night!


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