Long-Term Memory Numbers

Well, numbers are just those figures that most people might hate since childhood because these are always related to the subject in school that almost everybody hates — Mathematics.

The figures are most of the time just dwell in a person’s short-term memory. Meaning, there are easily forgotten after learning or memorizing them. However, there could be some that would still haunt you in your dreams and memories because they might have been hitting the good sides of your life story. šŸ™‚

Here are some of the numbers that are still trying to make me reminisce moments of the past:


Who doesn’t know their mama’s cellphone number? Well, this one’s different. I still have my mom’s very first cellphone number. I was in the second grade (It was the year 2000 when I was in the second grade) when I tried to memorize the number. Yes, I still remember the number even if she is using her 5th number now.

The number goes 09164624216. I memorize numbers on how you read them; Zero-nine-one-six-two-four-two-one-six. It’s like every word has their own unique tone that people could remember just like what you hear in musical notes. This one’s really stored in my mind.


Another set of numbers stored in my brain is the code to get an email address given to you when you are resetting a password.

My friend told me to memorize the code so she could let it used to open an email. I still remember back then when I said we could not memorize it for a long time because numbers could easily be forgotten.

Well, with that, I guess I was wrong…Ā 43195… It’s like a virus trying to get into my brains and is making me corrupted with it. Hahahaha! So, I just used it to express myself in situations that would get into my nerves. It helped me control my temper other than counting one to ten. 43195!


I was in the first grade when I could really say I’m smart. I was one of those kids who loves the book and could never go to school without it. I read in advance. I just love reading. I was a geek, and at the same time, the cool one because when someone tried to bully me, everybody would back me up. I was the king of the class.

Talking about numbers, there’sĀ a page number of a textbook still stuck in my mind.Ā Page 48. The one with my favorite topic to talk about. It was about the emblem of the Philippines. I hate the subject, but I love the topic so much. I felt like an expert as I could answer what theĀ teacher asked me.

There is magic in numbers as well. They’re like songs that might have your best moments preserved as you walk on to the reminisce.


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