Okay, this is my favorite cartoon created by MondoMedia. This is about some animals in their own community, living their lives, facing their conflicts, and die in their gruesome deaths. The cartoon uses black comedy that would concern some accurate anatomy when a character is being disemboweled. Watching the show is like watching Final Destination with cute animals acting as the protagonists. Happy_Tree_Friends Most of their deaths are caused by their carelessness in dealing with the situations that they face in the episode. Some characters also possess psychological problems such as Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, Dissociative Identity Disorder, ADHD, and Kleptomania. HTF_Bunch_by_Marnodor This might be shown with cute cartoon characters, but this show is not suitable for very young audiences. With that, there have been countries that banned the airing of the show on television because of the violence it portrays. Here’s one episode of Happy Tree Friends in MondoMedia’s account on Youtube.


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