Last week, I was one of those who luckily got the chance to join the Cornelio Faigao Playwrights’ Workshop.  We were sequestered in a resort in Guadalupe, Cebu, which was GREAT because I get to have more time for myself and to let my mind just wander around this planet Earth to think of a better story to write. There were exercises for us to follow to get to the plot of the story we were about to create in that winter cold room. Hahaha! it was really funny to think that I had to survive the day without shivering that much in my jacket. One of the exercises is to write freely about a picture. Right there, I get to think of myself in the picture with a devil by my side mocking me. I have always been a fan of horror books and movies so it’s just normal to me to think about supernatural beings. I don’t know what I did, but through the free-write I was able to come up with the first drop, which didn’t work. It’s really funny how you get to hear your story read by other people and you just want to run because you don’t like it too. 😀

Actors: Junrey Alayacyac as RONALD, Yon Maningo as IRISH

So, after the first draft, I changed my approach, which led to a slight change in the story. There were lots of processes going on until I came up with an alter ego story. I was scared when the piece was read by the actors in front of me. I felt my body shaking and sweating. The amazing part was when the director did the magic. I actually understood the story more than I had written it. I wanted to cry of joy (because of course, I’m a newbie in the playwriting world). I had a blast!


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