It was way back 1999 when Pokemon (Pocket Monsters) started airing in the Philippine TV every Friday night in English. I was still in the first grade and this was just a hit to kids at school.

It’s about a kid named Ash, who wants to become a Pokemon Master. All he had to do is to collect, train, and win battles with the use of the pocket monsters. However, there were also people who would try to steal the other Pokemon for their own sake. They were under Team Rocket.

Anyway, here are my top Pokemon that I see cool: (No Pikachu and Charizard)


The fish Pokemon. This might just be one of the most useless in the games since it only knows the move “Splash”. In the anime, there was one Magikarp trained to know some physical attacks such as “Tackle” that it beat Ash’s Pikachu.

Magikarp_(anime_AG)It’s cool because it evolves into a giant hot-tempered sea serpent, Gyarados. It might be useless at the start, but will be a strong ally in the team once it evolves. This is based on a legend where if a carp leapt over the Dragon Gate would then turn into a dragon. Some say that the Dragon Gate is located in several waterfalls in China.

That’s Gyarados! the one behind the Magikarp… It really is lovely! This is what you would get if Pokemon were real.

Another fish Pokemon, Feebas, is similar to Magikarp. It evolves into a serpentine Milotic that is said to be the most beautiful Pokemon. This might also be based on “The Ugly Duckling” story.


Both fish could also reflect puberty stage where people tend to be awkward on their younger years and just suddenly transform into someone new and amazing and attractive and (insert adjective here)…


The Snake, Cobra, and Fang Snake Pokemon respectively. They are venomous snakes that have been Team Rocket’s Jessie’s known Pokemon.


Ekans has been the first Pokemon ever used by Jessie in the series. This has been a loyal Pokemon to her that it evolved into Arbok in one episode where the Team Rocket Trio desperately wanted their Pokemon to evolve.

Arbok was released by Jessie to protect a group of Ekans from a poacher.

SEVIPERSeviper, on the other hand, does not belong to the Ekans evolutionary line as what some other viewers believed before. This Pokemon does not evolve or had originated from a pre-evolved form. It is later forced to be left at the Team Rocket’s headquarters for the trio not to get unwanted attention in the Unova region where different Pokemon species are thriving.

They really have cool moves such as Acid, Glare, and Poison Tail.


The Poison Gas Pokemon.

Nothing. I just like poison-type Pokemon that looks like a floating ball with craters where gases come out.

This has been known as a pocket monster owned by Team Rocket’s James. It was used as the main battler along with Ekans against Ash and his friends in his journey.

KoffingIt later evolved into Weezing as the Team Rocket is desperate for their Pokemon to evolve.

Koffing and Ekans evolving in
Koffing and Ekans evolving in “Dig Those Diglett!!” episode
Weezing using Haze
Weezing using Haze

Along with Arbok, Weezing was released by Team Rocket to look over the herd of Ekans and Koffing from the poacher.


The Star Shape and the Mysterious Pokemon respectively. They are stars. That made them cool. 😉

images starmie

Both of them have a gem at the center part of the body that could be their energy source or their face. Once weak, the gem would have faint flashes.


The Shadow Pokemon… with that sinister grin. It is a ghost that would love to play pranks on people in the Pokemon Universe. Well, if it was real, then it could have an ugly face and not this spiky or furry playful shadow.



The Bubble Jet and the Moonlight Pokemon respectively.

Vaporeon is the evolved form of Eevee when exposed to Water Stone while you get Umbreon when Eevee evolves at night with high friendship or with around a Moon Shard.



They are just one of the many evolutionary forms of Eevee. They’re really cool and unique from one another.

Eeveelution from left to right: Flareon (Fire), Espeon (Psychic), Jolteon (Electric), Vaporeon (Water), Sylveon (Fairy), Eevee (Normal), Leafeon (Grass), Umbreon (Dark), Glaceon (Ice)


The Transform Pokemon. This one just looks like a slime or some sorts of a blob. It can shape-shift into anything based on the memory or what’s in its sight.


Ditto failed to entirely copy a Pikachu
Ditto failed to perfectly copy a Pikachu

There is a fan-based theory stating that Ditto could be a failed experiment to redeem or duplicate a Mew. Both Pokemon is able to Transform into any Pokemon. Ditto could also be found in the place where the Team Rocket made their experiment to create Mewtwo.


However, there is also one article in which the creator said that Dittos are not failed experiments, but are really a different creature than Mew. So, I guess, there’s the answer.


The Scratch Cat Pokemon. Yes, I am talking about Team Rocket’s Meowth. It has human-intelligence for it taught itself how to talk. It has a part in the Team Rocket’s motto saying, “Meowth, That’s right!”


As a member of the Team Rocket, Meowth also learned to be in different guises so they will not catch attention while on their mission to steal Pokemon.


The Trio are able to break the Fourth Wall of the series and the movie.

Here, enjoy some of those incredibly hilarious scenes…

4th wall 3 4th wall 2 4th wall 1 4th wall


The Flycatcher and the Bug Catcher Pokemon respectively.

Victreebel is based on pitcher plants while Carnivine is based on Venus-Flytraps. Both are carnivorous plants that are known as Team Rocket’s Pokemon under James. Both of them show affection for James by biting or seemingly eating him particularly his head.

Carnivine using Vine Whip
Carnivine using Vine Whip
Victreebel using Razor Leaf
Victreebel using Razor Leaf


The Patient Pokemon.

It is owned by Jessie as she accidentally traded away her Lickitung to this Pokemon. This also does not know how to battle as Wobbuffets may only know Counter and Mirror Coat, which are moves for defense. It is overprotective on its tail as it might be the real Wobbuffet that controls the body.

Wobbuffet using Counter
Wobbuffet using Counter

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