“There’s that sound again”, Martin whispered to himself as he was trying to sleep with the lights off and in his blanket. He had been hearing the growling sound in his room every night for two months now. He tried to look if the neighborhood owned a dog or if the room next to his rented apartment got a door that’s making the sound when opened or closed. However, none of the expected were there. In fact, Bobby next door only come home in the morning since he’s got a night shift at the convenience store he’s working with as a crew.

Earlier tonight, martin even bought a bottle of coke in the convenience store and Bobby told him he would be attending a friend’s wake after shift so he would not be coming home. They have been friends for three years as neighbors in the building they are staying.

Martin has been already wet with sweat as he heard that growling sound again. Every time he turned on the light, he could not see anything around his room. He turned the lights off as he’s also afraid that something might just appear from out of nowhere. That something could possibly nightmarish.

For the past months before this, he felt lucky, for he could always find himself waking up in the morning without any problem. Meaning, he always gets a good night sleep. He tried to close his eyes to bring himself to sleep.

He woke up. Most of the time, he would find himself awakened by the same loud sound of the alarm that reads 5:00 AM. With that, he could give himself a preparation for the day job at a business office. This time, he found himself blinking in the same dark room. He tried to reach for the alarm clock. It read 2:58 AM. Then, there’s that sound again. The growling sound was in his room. He’s not in his blanket anymore when he woke up and he just could not get back to sleep.

“There’s that sound again”, he said in his mind. He was afraid to make a sound or make a movement. He was sweating all over.

The sound. He could feel it in his right ear. His heart was pounding while he tried to relax himself from breathing hard. He did not want to look at the source of the growling sound for it sounded near. He thought it might be staring at him from the door or worse, it might be on the right side of his bed. Another thing is that something could be smelled from the air. A smell of decaying flesh! Whatever it was, it should not be real. It should not be there. This might just be a dream and waking up should be a great surprise from the shining sun of a good day.

But everything is just freaking real.

Tears were already forming in his eyes and he could feel the sound. on his right ear. Right there! Right on that very side of the bed. He could feel the presence of someone there. Someone? Hell no! It’s more of a SOMETHING. Something not human. Something that’s supposed to be unreal. Something nightmarishly mortifying.

He could not move. He wanted to scream. He wanted to let himself believe that this is all a dream. He wanted to say sorry to his family and his girlfriend for all bad he’d done. He wanted to… He wanted to… just try to close his eyes, but could not do it this time.

He felt a hand touching his mouth. It was cold as death and rough as an old dusty pantheon in which he and his friends opened to get the treasures of the dead two months ago at the town’s public cemetery when no one was around back then.

He tried to scream… he tried to scream… Even so, no one was around to hear him.

It was five in the afternoon and everybody on the street were busy. They could be rushing on their way from work to their home or to some place they wanted to go for a special occasion. Kids were playing and talking loudly about how they made fun of their teachers. Some ladies talked about getting the man of their dreams. It was just a normal day in the town, while on a bed in one rented apartment lies Martin staring blankly at the ceiling. Stiff and lifeless. There was horror on his expression. He tried to scream.


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