In the Shoes of a Student

My life as a student was simple that cool kids might call it boring.

Routine was home – school (major and theater club) – home

Everything was normal. I love my life…

I call it Sickly Ew… Just a nerd-next-door
Studying for an exam at the Biology office…. “Tambayan ng mga Solid Bio Students” 😉

This is a photo taken way back when I was a member of the University’s theater club….

In memories of Adine Elivera, the girl in maroon… We miss you so, girl! 😉

Other Theater mates… the closer ones…

The first debut party I attended ’cause I was INVITED for the first time…. I only had a few friends you know! 😉

We looked gross, but we had fun….

200445_211109672237868_4096137_n 38344_146921875323315_1770851_n 38344_146921888656647_2287812_n 192768_212542855427883_5471005_o


Life is a TV series, a country song, a movie scene, a storyline.


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