Well, I work as a Biology Teacher in a University. This just lets me think about the things I had done when I was younger because the profession I am enjoying now has been enjoyed when I was still young. As in! (Chika minute).

“Sineskwela” is a show to blame. It’s about learning science that’s part of people’s lives. Hahaha! I was a solid fan of the show in the 90’s and would try to copy the characters in telling the facts to different audiences.



My teaching career has just begun and I need to let myself get used to all the information I would be giving to my students. At 23, I still have a long way ahead. The knowledge might still be with them until they grow older. Becoming a teacher needs effort to really stand with the character you are wearing in a classroom environment. Of course, as a teacher, you need to project authority, no matter how young you look. 😉

As a kid and an introvert, I had been playing alone most of the time. Teaching and talking to imaginary people was fun.


This has been my dream job even though I do not write that well. It could just make my brain feel relieved when stressed.

“Sineskwela” showed a lot of amazing stories and introduced characters that people of the 90’s can still remember nowadays. Agatom, Anatom, Kulisap, Palikpik, and Ugat-Puno are those that were really popular in the show. They have their unique abilities to help study for a scientific explanation of phenomena.


The show had been really inspirational for kids. I learned to use my tongue to mimic accents and internalize the characters to be someone else for a little while.

I also am active in doing stage theater. This really has contributed a great experience during my college days. After graduation, I tried auditioning for a spot in a theater company. It’s where I got my theater debut outside the school.

The childhood show has been a great part of my life for it’s where I started dreaming of becoming somebody someday not to mention one “Sineskwela” cast was a theater actor himself.


Mad Scientist

Because the show is about science, it’s also the reason behind the urge to become a great scientist someday. At a young age of 4, I already dreamed of working in zoos or laboratories. My Elementary classmates had been calling me a future mad scientist for my weird ideas. The ideas include making myself cute animal bombs, ball pen bombs, and everything concerning the dangerous explosive…. thanks to phonophobia. Hahaha!


Yes, the show made me so curious about what’s inside the organisms. In my lonesome moments as a kid, I used to play with scissors. I cut pictures of people and imagine they were screaming in pain. I still thank God I didn’t turn into one.


I almost took the medical course after graduating BS Biology. However, my urge to write took control of my brain. I would have been studying the thick books now. Someday, I might still become one. It’s a cool course.

It sounds craaaazzzy!!!! but yeah, I WAS HERE.


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