The SLIGHTLY Weird Kid in Me….

I was just another geeky, nerdy kid in school. I wore mostly old shirts, baggy faded jeans, and the glasses. My hair, well, had most of the time enjoyed bad days.  Awkward and silent for not so most of the cases, I roamed a University without much care about the people. Well, I only had my notebook and pen when friends were not around. With my material imaginary friends, I would be sitting on one of the benches at the Arts and Sciences garden looking at people, and write them in stories or songs.

A note from a classmate in History class during my first year in the University.

There was a girl sitting behind me in my History class and would always listen to me when I speak to my friends. Right there, she discovered that I was a little scared of babies. Yes, it’s because they’re babies… fragile… and I’m a reckless son-of-a-gun.

Her: so you like killing babies???

Me: 0.o

College will never be complete without writing a song in the popular fast food chains of the city… The big M and the Fat Bee!!!!!

During my years in the University, I had a fond of dating myself for my one true love… writing people in stories and songs… Well, it could be in a form of revenge or bully, but I just really wanted to tell everything in written form to immortalize the moments.

Herman, the toad skeleton

Animal Morphology is one of the major subjects I had to take in mind for there were lots of notes to study. Our professor gave me and my classmate one toad skeleton each. I named mine Herman. It’s still with me. I kept it in a box. It’s still in its plastic wrapper and taking its deep slumber for forever….


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