There were lots of educational shows on the Philippine TV that might have given you background knowledge in class. Most of the kiddie shows in the 90’s had their catchy tunes that could still be fresh in the memories of the people who watched the show when they were young.

Here are some of those shows that had the songs a 90’s kid could still remember and sing-a-long well:


This is the Filipino version of the popular kiddie show in the US called “Sesame Street”. Lots of people might still remember this one from their childhood. Who could ever forget Pong Pagong and Kiko Matsing? They even had a hotdog commercial. It made a comeback and was aired on TV 5 last 2010.



This is just one of those shows I watch early in the morning as a kid. The opening credit had a catch that the kids of the 90’s might still have in mind nowadays.



This might just be the first science class of some 90’s kids. As a kid, I always get excited to watch this show every day. It’s my favorite of all shows to watch on TV during its time. This could also be one of those shows that inspired the youth to dream for a job in the field of science. 😉



A show about fantasy and lessons to learn. This is one of those shows that got the amazing opening credit tune that one might want to sing in a singing contest. A 90’s kid would have nostalgia with its song.

hiraya manawari


A show about the deepest fantasy of a kid. Just like Hiraya Manawari, this also shows stories that would give lessons to young audiences. This is just one of the most successful 90’s kiddie shows as it is still aired on ABS-CBN after its come back on 2006 – 2007 and 2010 – present. The show even had a movie version back in 1999. Its song is heartfelt and would make a 90’s kid want to get back to those days where they would watch the show every Sunday night.



This might just be the show that brought the 90’s youngsters back to History. This is about the lives of the Filipino Heroes on how they had shown patriotism for the country and fought back against the conquerors. The viewers would be following the story of two kids transported back to past as they try to learn the lessons in a hero’s / heroine’s life.



One of those shows that kids might hate and love at the same time because of MATHEMATICS. This takes the viewers into the perspective of the characters who also hated Math for they were weak when it comes to numbers. However, as the show progresses, the characters made a realization into loving math as an adventure or a challenge to solve problems. This show might have a really catchy tune to let the Math haters watch the show.

math tinik


The show about literature. This follows the life of a guy in his class where they would be reflecting a reading to the real life scenario. The theme song was sung by the HANSONS of the Philippines… called JCS composed by John Prats, Carlo Aquino, and Stefano Mori



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