Top 15 Songwriters I Am Crazy About

There are lots of songs on the radio or on the internet that could really make a listener dig some more of the music that could define him as an individual. “Music is my life” quote has become a cliche of some of those that wanted to really express what they feel at the moment with songs. I listen to the words of the songs and try to know the people behind the masterpiece sung by an artist. With that, you could really understand the story behind the song and the inspiration why they created that material for other people. As songwriters, they might not be so popular when it comes to singing.You can still feel the music as they try to internalize the words they want the people to hear.

Here are some of those people I dig for their works…


The award-winning composer and lyricist is the one behind the amazing scores of musicals such as “Pippin'”,”The Hunchback of Notre Dame” and “Wicked”.

6a00d8341c630a53ef0120a5d76006970c-500wi Here’s one song from “Wicked” called “What is this Feeling”. The words of the song in the beginning are deceitful as love could be meant on the first listen, but as the song progresses, the feeling that has been described as pulse rushing, head reeling, and face flushing turned out to be the other feeling… LOATHING! UNADULTERATED LOATHING!


He is the Tony Award-winning face behind some of the musicals like “13!”, “The Last Five Years”, and “Parade”. His songs are relatable and could be the story of your life. Some of them are stuffed with humor that could really let you play with your mind in imagining the scenes of the song. Jason Robert Brown “Nothing in Common” is one of those songs that will let you look at your life back when you were a kid and think of the future. This depicts rivalry and love between brothers. Yet, there is nothing in common between them.


She is just amazing when it comes to writing country songs. Her music are so real that you would have a feeling of wanting to look at people’s lives and write as well. main “Coat of Many Colors” is an autobiographical song of Parton about how her childhood and how her mother made a coat out of the rags someone gave them. The song also uses the biblical story of Joseph and his coat of many colors as a reference to build an even emotional and nostalgic moment to remember with your mother.


Does the name sound familiar to you? yes, she is the younger sister of the pop star Britney Spears. Working on a different path, Jamie Lynn Spears writes country songs. One of which has been cut by Jana Kramer called “I Got the Boyjamielynn-2013-erickanderson-705x1jpg-63369a1b4425e4ed“Big Bad World” song is featured on her EP “The Journey” I dig out a dollar for the homeless man, but I’m the one who could use the change


The girl with the rasp in her voice and amazing songs in hand. She had written songs for artists like Keith Urban. She is also behind the some songs in the TV series “Nashville” Sarah_Buxton“Innocence” is her best song talking about missing something…. I realize it ain’t him I missed/ It’s that young girl, wide-eyed, first love, one-time innocence


Her love story = songs to write She has been known to create catchy, relatable songs about how girls live their lives in relationship statuses. She an overrated artist, but I can’t talk so much about her. 🙂 index “Best Days of Your Life” is a Taylor Swift co-write cut by the other writer Kellie Pickler in her self-titled album. It talks about an ex-lover if he ever had the best days of (his) life without her.


American Idol 4 winner also has the guts to write songs about life, God, and other people’s stories. Just like Taylor Swift, she had also brought her own songs to the top spot of the country charts. Carrie-Pretty-Wallpaper-carrie-underwood-9861351-800-600 “Eighteen Inches” talks about two lovers escaping and living the lives of their own. What made this song amazing is that Underwood had played on words cleverly on how she uses the “Eighteen Inches” in the song. Plus, the song is not preachy nor had given the listeners an ending to the story (well, except for the baby that came). It is a way of life that reflects to the song very well. The song has been cut by Lauren Alaina in her Wildflower album


An uber clever songwriter from Texas. There really is truth in her songs that sometimes create controversy. As a country songwriter, she would really put on life on topics people have to hear.

kacey “Follow Your Arrow” is an anthem for people with the weight, different sexual orientation, and God believers or nonbelievers.


This piano man has the stories to tell through the keys of the instrument. PHIL“The Sound of a Million Dreams” is a song written by Vassar that was cut by David Nail in his EP of the same name.


This long-haired dude is also one of those people behind a juggernaut “Jesus, Take the Wheel”. Actually, the story of the song was about his aunt’s car accident on their way somewhere. This man can also write kick ass songs in female perspective such as Carrie Underwoods “Cowboy Cassanova” and Kelly Clarkson’s “Mr. Know It All” BRETT“Who I Am” is another song in a female’s perspective co-written by James. This was cut by Jessica Andrews for the album of the same name.


The Texas native and the Nashville Star finalist had tricks in writing her sassy songs that could be a real bad ass. miranda“Automatic” is her award winning song about the simpler life of the past. This was written with Nicolle Galyon and Natalie Hemby. There is nostalgia in every part of the lyrics and melody.


This Pop Rock singer writes songs that could top the country charts. He is behind some songs that were hits for Keith Urban, David Nail, and Blake Shelton. This young songwriter already won songwriting awards for number one songs in the charts. JIMMY“Whatever She’s Got” cut and was featured in David Nail’s album “I’m a Fire”


His soft voice is perfect for a lullaby. I could always listen to him any time of the day. jon_randall_05 “Carolina Moon” has also been cut by Scotty McCreery in his “See You Tonight” album.


This girl is a classical pianist that has been influenced by the Dixie Chicks. The Australian native is already slowly making her name in the charts with songs that are powered with nostalgia. Her songs had been recorded by Lady Antebellum, Lauren Alaina, Keith Urban, Miranda Lambert and more. Nicolle-with-piano“Growin’ Up” is a song about going back to town looking at up some things and people that used to be common when you were there years back.


She is the face behind the some Miley Cyrus’s “The Climb”, Taylor Swift’s “Fearless”, Carrie Underwood’s “Jesus, Take the Wheel” and many more. Her name is looked up in the songwriting side of the music scene. hilaryLindsey had her songs taken to the top of the charts by Underwood, Martina McBride and many other artists that were also looking for songs that could have the people relate to.


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