Well, people have been living their lives with the sticks. Shelters, food recipes, art, and the morality of some kids have also been turning around sticks. People nowadays could make use of the word “stick” for various meanings. There were those that are making fun of the word or just make a euphony out of topics that are too awkward to talk about for there could be morality issues to arise.

Young kids of yesterday carried with them sticks with sweet candies of different flavors on top for a treat.

Kids of today are having different kinds of stick treats. Some of them might have those kinds that color their innocent lips while they are looking at the mirror before even going to class. Some are those with smoke that are said to let them have their past time spent well with a good friend.

As the world is getting more and more progressive, the youth is also moving on to sophistication.

It could be a new way of life.


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