Sinulog 2015

Well, the Festival has taken over Cebu that people from different places came in to celebrate the street party and witness the colorful showdown of Sinulog dancers.

Me? hahaha… nothing… I slept all day. When I heard the neighbors turning on the karaoke, I just thought of going out somewhere. The whole city was full of people everywhere even the streets. It was really hard to find a place to stay, chill out and write about everything going on in my mind.

I called the mission “Looking for FREEDOM”. It was just finding the best place with fewer people. I tried to go to a street called Urgello because I thought there were only fewer people there. The street is known for some trademarks like Southwestern University and Sacred Heart Hospital. I graduated from the institution and I thought I already know the place well.

I was just heading for 7 Eleven to have some snacks and write something for the day. Man, the place was also full…. I said, “I thought this is FREEDOM, but it’s DOOM” … that was the line I’d always whispered to myself…. story goes….  until I found a bakeshop with no customers….. yeah, just the best place to hang out….

I shut the world out of my senses through writing what I want to write…. that time, I was writing everyone around me… hahaha I was looking at them while they try to observe me eating my bread and writing on the paper… they  have no idea I was having fun with them on my paper…. L)


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