Ahhhmmm Hey, I am a Teacher…. (???)

Well, since November 2014, my life had been changed by chance….

This wasn’t even in my list of long plans to pursue… it’s the school!!!!!!!!….. they contacted me to try out becoming one of their instructors… It’s a long story, but it seemed that I was already hired even before I did the teaching demo or took the interview.

The experience was horrifying. I mean, I was never the one who is always ready to meet a number of people in one classroom… I always lack confidence… an introvert…

I’ve always been called the weirdo in my clique. Now, everyone could see me wearing the polo…. yes, I’ve traded everything in my wardrobe for a more formal looking and more mature image…

Well, most of the time, I would be looking like this weirdo
Well, most of the time, I would be looking like this weirdo
and not this weirdo....
and not this weirdo….

Of course, I should look like I’m a teacher…. well, if you want to know…. it all started here….

There was an event at school…. I guess it was Biology day… I was a graduating Biology student back then. A teacher asked the crowd of Biology majors if they want to be a teacher someday…

There was silence… and then some whispers… “No, we want to be doctors”

UberConfident, a guy walked in front and grabbed the microphone then said, ” I want to be a teacher  because I want to save the world.” …. the group of teachers agreed to what he said… he added, ” without teachers, there will be no doctors or other professionals in their respected field… so that’s it!”

I was speechless…. that guy was a big weirdo!… then everything went back to me…. I. WAS. THAT. GUY.

WHOA! was that really me????…… Coke… it was all coke’s fault…. My crush was there…. my teachers were there… my friends were there…. I felt doom…. hahahahahaha…. but anyway, people were applauding with what I just said…. I felt good anyhow…

NOW, I’m facing the challenge…. I’ll go with the current…. and make a difference…. rawr!


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